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On the road with man’s best friend

5 tips for dog friendly holidaying!

Holidays are exciting times, but if you have animals with you, they can easily turn into stressful, not to mention expensive, rather than fun. Well, fret not dog lovers, we at Azure recognise this, and as such have a wide range of dog friendly motorhomes available to cater for not only us humans, but our four legged friends as well, to ensure your motorhoming experience is as dog friendly as possible. However, we can’t do it all for you, so here are our top tips to making the most of your animal accompanied break.

Pub preparation. A lot of pubs take dogs, but hide this light under a bushel. We Brits aren’t as forthright as our friends over the pond or elsewhere, and often understate our services, so it’s always best to call ahead and ask if the pub you’re planning on going to takes dogs. If they don’t – well, you won’t have a wasted trip, but if they do and you hadn’t called, you’d be none the wiser and probably without a pint to round the day off nicely.

Think about location. There’s nothing most dogs like more than a good walk, so think about this when you’re planning your overnight stops. You don’t want to be stuck with nowhere except the campsite to stretch both your and Buster’s legs, especially as most site owners don’t allow dogs off the leash. You also don’t want to be somewhere in the middle of nowhere, especially if you do want to visit a pub or similar in the evening, so be sure to plan ahead to make sure everyone, human or canine, is happy.

Take your dog’s accessories with you. Whilst it is easy to find replacement bowls, leads etc. for pooch (the UK is fairly littered with pet shops), if possible bring your existing ones with you, as it can be a waste of money to buy a new set then leave them behind when you leave (if you don’t want them in your luggage when you go home).

Dog healthchecks – before you come to us, make sure your dog’s vaccinations and microchip details are up to date. Much as we hope you don’t lose your pet on holiday, at least if you are parted, making sure his microchip is up to date will help you to get him back.

Vet locations en route. Be sure to research vet locations for all stopovers on your trip, or ask around if you are having more of an “amble” and have no set route. Accidents can occur at any time, and you don’t want to be in a situation where you don’t know where the nearest surgery is.

New Motorhomes added to the fleet

We’ve recently taken delivery of some amazing Autocruise Rhythm – Ultimate 2 Berth Motorhomes. These 2 berth motorhomes are great for couples or singles looking to getaway for a touring holiday.

These motorhomes are based on the Peugeot Boxer vans which were specially designed to be an easy to drive and economical alternative to some of the larger motorhomes, without sacrificing on luxurious quality, comfort and extras.

With our prices starting at just £284.00 for a 4 day getaway in our Autocruise Rhythm 2 Berth, we can’t recommend these enough as a great and affordable option to tour the countryside.