blackpool beach

Blackpool tops the list for the best…..

A recent survey carried out by Post Office Money has uncovered what us Brits think is the best beach in the world. And it is safe to say, it’s not exactly exotic!

That’s right, our very own Blackpool has topped the charts for being the best stretch of sand anywhere in the world. And to put that into perspective, Bondi beach in Australia and the Maldives didn’t even make the top ten!

Blackpool is, of course, famous for its illuminations and the Pleasure Beach, as well as donkey rides along the sand and comedy ‘kiss me quick’ hats.

But the top ten wasn’t just topped with a British beach, it also contained 5 additional entries:

1. Blackpool
2. Benidorm
3. Majorca
4. Brighton
5. Bournemouth
6. Algarve
7. Scarborough
8. Weymouth
9. Tenerife
10. Great Yarmouth

Post Office Money marketing director Pete Markey said; “Although some beaches have stood the test of time, there have been seismic shifts in tastes in the past sixty years.
Nowhere matches Blackpool for beach appeal but today’s holidaymakers are travelling further afield to find their new favourites.”

The survey went on to gauge the top beach activities, which are unchanged: building sandcastles, having a 99 ice cream and a paddle in the sea!

Where’s the bucket and spade? I’m off to Blackpool…..

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