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Driving abroad – what you need

If you are planning on driving abroad anytime soon, you will do well to investigate what you will need to take with you to make sure that you are insured and able to produce the right documentation at any time. 

Like here in the UK,  you can be stopped anywhere you travel and be asked to produce your documentation – in order to save any mishaps from happening, take a look at our list of driving abroad essentials:

Valid full driving licence
This must be a full licence, not a provisional licence. Although the paper counterpart is not valid in the UK, if you still have it, we would advise to take it aboard with you just in case.

International Driving Permit
Apply and obtain an International Driving Permit which lasts for 12months – an International Driving Permit is recognised internationally and allows the named holder to drive a vehicle when abroad, in conjunction with a full UK driving licence.

Vehicle registration document – V5c
It is important that you have the original paperwork and not a copy, as a copy will not be accepted.

Motor insurance certificate
Again, ensure that you have a paper copy of this certificate. These days a lot of the policies we have are emailed or held in an online portal. Make sure you print a copy out so you have one in paper form and also make sure you have the contact details for your insurance and policy number saved on your phone in case you need to speak to them,

Never forget your passports!

Travel Insurance documents
Travel insurance documents form a major part of the insurance policies abroad, so be sure to have the details hand and stored in your phone as well as the paper documentation printed and ready to produce if needed.

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