driving in autumn - picture of an empty road

Driving in Autumn

Ask around – we are sure the autumn is possibly the most popular season thanks to the beautiful colours, crunchy leaves and cosy nights in! But what about when you are driving? What should you be aware of? We have our top three tips here in our latest blog!

Make sure you are prepared!
Keep a spare pair of sunglasses in the car with you. Although it might be cold outside, autumn still does have sunny days and, in fact the low level of the sun due to the shorter days can prove to be very hard to deal with. Typically the low sun is very dazzling, especially if you have a dirty windscreen, which leads us on to….

Windscreen care!
Make sure that your windscreen washer fluid is filled up – with more dirty and grit on the roads, combined with more rain, you will get a dirty windscreen pretty quick. Make sure that the fluid you use has an anti-freeze property to it so that it doesn’t freeze and is ready to go when you are! Also, autumn is a great time to check your windscreen wipers.

Check your battery!
It’s a fact that most batteries pack up in the colder months of autumn and winter as the car has to use more electrical juice to keep going. If your battery is over five years old, it would make sense to replace it, before it gives up the ghost on you when you least need it!

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