kids in boot of car

How to keep kids entertained on the road

Keeping the kids entertained when you are on the road can be a pretty scary task, especially if you are travelling the country and on the road for a long time!

Things have changed considerably over the past few years, with more and more electrical devices and gadgets around to keep little people entertained, but what else should you have in your kids bag?

Movies, games and apps
As just said, devices and gadgets are for more common these days, with many households home to a tablet of some description. Load it up with apps (and battery!) before setting off and encourage children to play on it for short spells when bored. Also pack a few DVD’s and earphones, so that your kids in the back seat can watch their favourite movie on the go either by the in car system or a portable DVD player.

Travel games
These never go out of fashion! Travel games are a scaled down size of popular board games, such as Monopoly, Guess who and Connect Four, these games can entertain kids and adults alike for hours. Also, these travel sized games are handy as they are smaller than the original size, so can be stored in travel / hand luggage sized bags nice and easy without given you too much more weight to carry!

Colouring books, magazines, story books, travel books – books are an essentials! Encourage the children to dive into a book to help them escape, like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games or simply crack open the colouring pens and get creative. Magazine are also popular, especially with boys who might find a book to daunting.

Oldies but goodies!
If nothing else and the kids still get bored, why not revert back to the old tried and tested games like I Spy and first to spot a yellow car!

Hopefully with a mixture of all of the above ideas, you will be able to enjoy your holiday travelling, with all of your hair intact!


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