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Azure UK motorhomes have access to one of the largest single fleets of campervans available for hire, making us the best choice for your upcoming motorhome touring holiday.

All vehicles are generally under 2 years old, and the most up-to-date in luxury travel with all the latest home-from-home comforts and technology, including satellite TV, microwave ovens, DVD and MP3 Players, air conditioning and climate control.

If you're looking for the ultimate motorhome holiday, there's no better way to travel around than in a luxury motorhome. All vehicles offer a spacious comfortable and just as important a practical interior, and well insulated for that occasional unpredictable british weather.

One of our favourite models in our fleet are the Bailey's. Taking design cues from the most popular caravan ranges, interiors feature Italian styled furniture in a rich ‘walnut’ wood veneer which combines with the luxurious Vivaldi soft furnishings, constructed using premium quality Belgian fabrics and fully sprung cushions, to make the habitation area both warm and inviting.

As people have come to expect from Bailey, models are extremely well specified and are packed with the home comforts owners will need for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. Notably these include fully equipped kitchens featuring large capacity Dometic 8-Series refrigerators, a new Thetford ‘anti-rattle’ oven, a stainless steel 700 watt microwave and cleverly designed washrooms all of which feature fully lined separate shower cubicles.

So, you have made the decision to rent a motorhome and want to know what to do next? Worry no more, we at Azure Motorhomes have the knowledge to help you and you may rest assured we will do so in a courteous and professional manner. This is why we are the best.

First, you need to select your vehicle and ensure the van is large enough for all who will be travelling with you. Because we are the leading motorhome rental company, we have numerous vans that are able to accommodate up to seven people. Alternatively, you may decide to rent one of our larger motorhomes simply because you wish to include a lot of extra recreational equipment for your trip.

Azure prides itself on being the luxury motorhome rental provider and, we also have different layouts and grades of luxury. It is therefore worth taking a few moments to look through our site and decide on the van that gives you the space and layout you require. This way you will be comfortable and fully able to enjoy travelling the glorious highways and byways of the many beautiful islands we call Great Britain.

You may have decided to rent a motorhome as a trial before a purchase, but it does also make sound economic sense to rent rather than buy. This way, not only will you save by not having a large initial cost outlay, you will not have the worry and/or cost of providing a permanent site when the van is not in use. You would also have the additional cost of MOT, and regular maintenance for both the engine and the accommodation. So pass your worries on to us and rent one of our luxury motorhomes, you will see for yourself all the benefits for friends and/or family, and you may also want to include Rover (did you know we also do dog friendly?).

The motorhome that you choose will be a proper home from home for you, with full kitchenware, all bedding, linens and towels all provided for your comfort with no linens to be laundered on your return.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions e.g. booking your overnight stops on site, or route queries etc.

Caravans, even for the more proficient drivers are not the easiest of vehicles to tow, bouncing and swinging around and generally making even the easiest overtaking manoeuvre so fraught that you would never even consider using one. Even for the more hardened drivers who are confident in towing a caravan, often people forget about the strains it puts on the towing vehicle, typically a family car, reducing the life of the clutch and gearbox therefore over the years, adding expensive car repair bills and because the car's engine is working much harder than usual apart from the extra strain on the engine the engine is burning much more fuel than on a typical run…

Well what about a luxury motorhome?

That’s right a motorhome, it isn’t a dirty word. Think about it, all the benefits of a caravan and much, much more besides. You would make the journey part of your vacation and you could take a break from the traffic when and where you wanted to stretch your legs and to chill out in comfort. Maybe even have a brew in a lay-by.

Renting a Motorhome from Azure also means that our vehicles do all the hard work, and saves your car from all the extra strains and wear and tear that you'd get towing a caravanAzure.

Arranging your motorhome couldn’t be easier. We at Azure Luxury Motorhomes are one of the largest and the best provider of motorhomes and have all the expertise and professionalism you could wish for, so if you have any major queries or even little niggles, please contact us and I am sure we’ll be able to put your mind at rest.

All our homes are fully fitted and are supplied with full kitchenware as standard, including your cutlery, tea and coffee, as well as your bedding, linens and towels. We have the largest fleet of luxury motorhomes for hire in the UK chosen for their quality fitments and layouts so one of them is sure to suit your requirements. The largest of our motorhomes can accommodate up to seven and we also have dog-friendly vans available in case you wish to include your pet with the rest of the family.

If you decide to use a campsite, it is simplicity itself to drive on to the allocated hard-standing and to connect the utilities. Your holidays could of course consist of more energetic pursuits that require a more challenging stopover. You could consider hiring a slightly larger van than you would normally need, that way you and your companions could bring all of your specialist equipment along with you; all we ask is that you take reasonable precautions with the van when you park up.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch now with your dates for an instant online quote.

Cycling Holiday Motorhome Hire

Cycling Holiday Motorhome Hire

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Dog Friendly Motorhome Hire

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Motorsport Motorhome Hire