eating around a camp fire with a motorhome in the background

Cooking on the Road

Eating on the road can be tricky, but wth the right pre-travel preparation, it can be a lot easier!

Plan your meals
Treat eating out on the road in your motorhome like you would at home and plan ahead in advance. Prepare meal plans, look at recipes and work out what you could buy that would last for a few meals, such as dried pasta and tinned essentials, like chopped tomatoes.
If you are planning to cook and eat under the stars via a campfire, make sure that you have the right foods for the occasion, foods that will not take all night to cook and some marshmallows for afterwards, of course!  And why not try to plan and final night on the road celebration meal, to make it extra special!

One pot dinners
You’ll find that one pot dinners are ideal when living out on the road. Either via a slow cooker or simply in one big saucepan, one pot meals are typically filling, will allow for leftovers and save on endless amounts of washing up – especially handy for when space is at a premium!
One pot meals that work well include curries, throwing in the rice at the end, meatballs & spaghetti and pasta bakes. Serve these dishes with a side salad and a generous helping of garlic bread if so desired and there you have it – a decent meal that isn’t too expensive and will leave enough leftovers for lunch the next day!

Ready meal pig out
If nothing else, a holiday is meant to be a break form the norm, and in some cases that will mean having a night off from cooking – yes! Of course, you could nip to the local pub, restaurant or takeaway, but why not stock up on a few ready meals and pop them in the oven or microwave for a tasty and quick dinner on the go?

Remember the essentials
Make sure that before you head off on your holiday on the road, you pack salt, pepper and a selection of herbs, spices and sauces. Or if you are planning on doing a shop once you have reached your destination (or one of your destinations), be sure to stock up. The blandest meal can be transformed with some clever seasoning and herbs!

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