Enjoy a motorhome holiday this Easter

With Spring around the corner and the Easter break approaching just as fast, it’s the perfect time to enjoy a motorhome holiday with your loved ones. Here at Azure Motorhome Hire, we have a wide range of motorhomes to choose from this Easter, perfect for a family break in the picturesque British countryside. Here, we have some great tips and ideas for keeping the whole family entertained with stress being kept to a minimum!

A motorhome holiday may surprise you – Many people have never even thought about going on holiday in a motorhome, but these people don’t know what they are missing out on! One of the best things about going on a motorhome holiday is that they can be relatively cheap, meaning that even if you don’t have much to spend during the Easter break you can still treat yourself and your family to a short trip away. In a recent family survey, more than two thirds of parents (68%) say they would choose a leisure vehicle holiday not only to avoid airport stress and luggage restrictions but also for the freedom, adventure and flexibility it offers.

Plan ahead – The Easter break is usually seen the perfect time to get away with your family, as it’s long enough after Christmas for people to save up and the weather is usually looking much brighter and getting much warmer. However, the idea of going away for Easter is very popular amongst families, which can mean travelling during this time can get stressful, especially if you haven’t planned ahead. If you are planning to visit a popular tourist destination such as the seaside, then you will have to start planning your holiday as soon as possible. Many caravan parks and campsites get fully booked really fast at this time of year, so if there is a particular destination you wish to go to, book now. Something else to take into consideration is traffic – driving a motorhome can be difficult especially as they are not known for their speed or manoeuvring capabilities, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time and consider other road users.

Choose the size of your motorhome wisely – When hiring a motorhome, make sure you think about the amount of room you will need to comfortably fit you and your family. Kids can often get restless and irritated if they are in a confined space for too long, so always go for a motorhome that has enough space for the whole family to feel comfortable in. We have up to seven berth motorhomes available for hire, so plenty of space, plus dog friendly motorhomes, allowing you to take the whole family with you!

Prepare for the weather – This Easter, the weather is set to be warm and dry, pretty much across the majority of the UK. But make sure you’re prepared for the bad weather too! Rain can put a downer on your holiday as it can stop you and your family from enjoying the countryside and all the activities you may want to do. If it does rain, make sure you have plenty of activities or games to get involved in if you have to stay inside.

If you do decide to have a motorhome holiday this Easter holiday, we’re confident that your whole family will enjoy it. There are thousands of brilliant tourist attractions around the UK, many of which cost barely anything and are usually free for children.