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Burning of the Clocks Festival – Brighton


Burning of the Clocks Parade

One of many festivals held in Brighton, the Burning of the Clocks event took place on the 21st December, a tradition which began in 1994.  On this, the shortest day, the people of Brighton and Hove construct lanterns from paper and willow and gather together as a parade takes place through the city streets, before marking the end of the year with a lantern bonfire on the beach.

With over 2,000 parade performers taking part in the family event, elaborate costumes with clock face detailing are worn to represent the passing of time and the Winter Solstice.  Along with the lantern bonfire, each year a large sculpture is created to reflect a given theme, which is set alight as part of the show of fire, with the event culminating in a stunning firework display and live music providing for a lively atmosphere to these festivities.

This year however, the fire show and firework display had to be cancelled due to the high winds and the safety problems these posed, but thousands still braved the extreme conditions to witness and participate in the lantern parade, which began in the New Road area and ended in Madeira Drive, with this year’s theme focus being The Deep.

This unique event is organised by Same Sky, which is a community art charity based locally in Brighton, and brings together the culturally diverse communities of Brighton and Hove for this vibrant and dynamic celebration.

Image Credit:  http://bit.ly/J75cOk

Weekly City Spotlight: Brighton and Hove


View of Brighton Pier by night

Brighton and Hove are seaside resorts situated in East Sussex.  Both were jointly awarded city status in 2000.  Hugely popular, Brighton and Hove have a wide range of attractions for the many visitors they receive each year, offering the traditional seaside experience as well as the lively and culturally diverse, there really is something for everyone in these cities.

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