Unforgettable festival favourites

Although festivals don’t seem the most glamorous of places, with these essentials you’ll be looking and feeling as good, as the celebs on stage!


1. The most important thing to remember for your own health is some sun cream, hat and sunglasses. No-one wants to spend the festival days burning and trying to cover up when the sun is blaring (We’ve heard the sun sometimes makes an appearance if the rain holds off, let’s hope!).


2. Layers! Everyone likes to get out the shorts at festivals, it’s a must! But at night it can get quite chilly. Thin leggings or tracksuit bottoms are a good idea, cosy and warm and easy to carry around.


3. Wet wipes and hand sanitizer. Festivals may not be the most cleanest or hygienic of places, so these will help you stay reasonably clean for a few days without using a shower or water.


4. Water or energy drinks in a reusable bottle, jumping around in the sun can be very thirsty work and if you’re not near somewhere to buy a drink this could be tricky. There’s always a place to fill up your bottle, so reuse and save money for your alcohol consumption!


5. A camera and phone that you don’t mind loosing or getting damaged. At festivals, taking pictures of the celebrities and you and your friends is a good way to keep the memory, but losing your £900 Canon Legria, wide angle, high definition camcorder with 10x optical zoom on the other hand, would not be a good memory, so leave your prize possessions at home.

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6. Picnic blankets or camping chairs that can be folded away is also a good idea, when you’ve been walking around all day watching people perform on stage you might need a sit down at your tent or if you’re lucky, your caravan.


7. Suitable but fashionable and bold wellies and a thin rain coat, although you want to look good at these festivals wellies are one of the most essential things to pack, especially for the last few days when grass turns into a mud pit and I think we all know that rain isn’t shy at these gatherings, so a small rain coat that can be stuffed into a side bag is all you need!


8. Dry shampoo will be your miracle for the next few days, going out without this would be a mistake. We all know that after a few days no-one will look or smell good, but dry shampoo will help tame your grease ball for a while longer.
9. Be organised and bring cash and change instead of your card! The cash machine might be awhile away and it saves time try to find one and wasting time queuing for what could be hours.


10. At night when you’re trying to get back to where you’re staying it may be dark (unless you’ve stayed to party until the early morning!) therefore a torch with extra batteries is definitely needed.



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