boxer dog on the bearch

Four essentials when travelling with dogs

One of the best things about travelling in one of our motorhomes is that you can take your four-legged friend in selected vans!

After all, what’s a family holiday if you have to leave your furry best friend at home?

Touring the country can be a fun experience for you all, with lots of new sights, smells and tastes to be had on the road ahead, but before setting off, make sure you have the essentials packed:

Hi, my name is…
A collar for your dog with tag probably sounds too obvious, but how about making sure the collar is up to date with all of your current contact details – maybe not so obvious! With hectic lives, sometimes it’s hard to remember to update collar tags and microchips with essentials such as phone numbers.

Stay close
Get a sturdy lead. With your dog encountering so many different new things, it is likely that he or she will want to explore further. But in strange and new environments, it makes more sense to be careful with your dogs, so keep them close at all times and only let them off the lead when you feel satisfied that the new area poses no further threats.

Home comforts
Don’t forget the good boy treats! Reward your favourite pooch by giving him treats for good behaviour and handling himself well in difficult or new experiences and encounters. Not only will he love you for the treats, it will help him to continue to learn. Also, don’t forget his favourite toys and bedding. Just because you are not at home, doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to be surrounded by his favourite things!

Pet Meds
Last but not least, make sure to pack any pet medicine that your dog is currently taking, or anything that will need to be taken whilst away, like worming tablets. A once over from the vet before you leave is normally a good idea, and be sure to flea your dog especially before he goes off in other bushy dog popular areas. Also, carry a first aid kit with bandages and gauzes in case of minor cuts or scrapes.