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Four motorhome essentials for summer travel

If you are lucky enough to be heading off on a motorhome holiday this summer, don’t forget the essentials when you are packing!

We have a list of the things that we can’t do without when we are motorhoming – what do you think?

Bottled water
It might sound obvious, but it is best to stock up on some bottled water before you set off on your travels. If you are visiting the UK, weather can be very unpredictable – scorching hot one day, rainy and sticky the next! Water is always needed, for drinking, pets and also for washing….don’t forget it!

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from headaches, you will know that these can just crop up OUT OF NOWHERE! It is best to have a handy pack of painkillers with you on your travels. But they are not just used for headaches – aches and pains, mild fevers and sprains can be helped with painkillers. It is also an idea to pack a few more medicine cabinet essentials – fly spray, plasters, allergy tablets and bandages make up a basic kit.

Books and mags
Sometimes, when you have pulled up to a nice spot, it is a nice idea to catch up on a bit of reading or do the crossword in your magazine. Make sure that you pack enough books and magazines to keep you entertained throughout your journey.

Laptops and batteries
Keeping connected with the world is more and more important these days, especially if you have kids! They won’t want to miss the opportunity to post pictures to Facebook, so it is super important that you don’t forget the chargers! Laptops are also a great place to keep copies of all of your documentation, travel plans and routes as well as personal information – but it is also best to have a paper copy of important documents, if possible.

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